Multimedia applications

LvivMedia has a strong focus in multimedia development, with expertise in creating eye-catching, content-rich, interactive games, CD-roms, e-Learning content, business presentations and web sites for businesses of any size.

We integrate content produced using state-of-the-art multimedia development platforms such as Adobe Flash and Director with studio quality sound effects, music loops, video clips and voice-overs, ensuring your target audience gets your message in the most effective form possible.

Our multimedia projects are authored in the following areas:
  • Games (for Nintendo DS/DSi/3DS consoles, PC & Mac OS, web-games)
  • e-learning content (CBTs/WBTs)
  • Business presentations
  • DVD / CD-Roms for software distribution and installation
  • Multimedia websites, authored in Flash and Shockwave

Games, CBTs/WBTs, CD-roms, Internet websites and business presentations are at the core of the multimedia content we produce. We use latest versions of state-of-the-art authoring packages, such as Adobe Flex, Adobe Flash and Adobe Director to ensure we stay at the forefront of multimedia development techniques.