Game development

Starting from 2005 LvivMedia concentrated its activity in the market of casual game software and produces products intended for both, the world and the regional markets.

The prevailing number of our projects is intended for the development of applications for Nintendo DS/DSi consoles, games for PC and Mac OS systems (built on C++, Adobe Director or Adobe Flash Frameworks), and WEB-projects operating on Linux and UNIX Free BSD servers.

Last titles, developed by LvivMedia, are:
  • Jewel Legends – Tree of Life
  • 100 Classic Games
  • Ancient Spirits - Columbus' Legacy
  • 5 in 1 Mahjong
  • 18 Card games
  • 200 klassische Bücher DS
  • Jewel Master: Cradle of Athena
  • Mystery stories - The big journey

Implementation of our completed game applications envisaged the following types of activity:
  • design of the framework for a specific system on the basis of presented to us SDK or available libraries
  • creation of Gameengine
  • programming of Gameplay in accordance with the presented script or game specification
  • AI programming
  • programming of physical effects, realization of necessary mathematical algorithms
  • level design
  • programming of multifunctional utility programs for the project support (conversion of media-data into formats specific for the given system, utility tools for setting up contents, utility tools for balance testing, utility tools for stress-testing)
  • other tasks specific for the current projects

Detailed information on the developed game projects can be found at our Products page.