Learning Management System

EVOLUTION production platform


EVOLUTION is a unique, easy to use browser based tool that enables companies to create high quality e-Learning courses.

All project members, from authors, testers or graphic designers to the administrator can work individually, simultaneously and independently of time and location.

EVOLUTION has an elaborate role based structure plus a built in task management and communication system. This drives the workflow of projects and assures a shorter realization time.

Assignments and rights are administered in EVOLUTION using its own comprehensive user management system. These are designated at the beginning of the project according to the nature of the task.

The EVOLUTION didactic editor tool identifies all components on each page such as sounds, exercises, pictures, etc. and describes them in detail. This takes away the time consuming process of producing a detailed script once the storyboard has been agreed. The creation of content with flexible feedback is simple and straight forward and no programming skills are required.

EVOLUTION content can be created in a way that is compatible with established content standards (SCORM, AICC, IMS etc.). The completed course can be produced as a web or desktop application. Note: CBTL GmbH responsible for concept and design documents
    • Platform:
    • web based & PC desktop application
    • Tools:
    • Macromedia Flash MX 2004, PHP 5.0
    • Database:
    • IBM DB2, MySQL
    • Duration:
    • over 12000 man-hours