GPS Tracking

LM Vehicle Tracker

Vehicle Tracking System

Software solution is designed for business customers - includes Firmware and supporting software system, developed for Standalone GPS Vehicle Tracking Device, which was elaborated directly by LvivMedia (PE).

The system is a complete tracking solution which can operate anywhere globally where GSM is available. With a single server installation, the customer can monitor hundreds of targets.

A variety of status reports is also provided (current vehicle status, daily/weekly activity, trips and stops by vehicle etc. Customer may utilize reports to increase the efficiency of their industrial processes of identify improper use of company property.

The customer will always have access to its online account to see the most current tracking, but the automated system will also send him defined daily reports.
    • Platform:
    • ARM based system
    • Tools:
    • C++, PHP
    • Database:
    • MySQL
    • Duration:
    • still in progress