Company profile

LvivMedia was founded in 1999, initially as a provider of multimedia software for corporate businesses and small offices.

The company is located in Eastern Europe in the city of Lviv, West Ukraine, next to polish border.

Throughout its lifetime the company has been oriented to cross-platform development, serving the needs of Windows, Macintosh and Unix users.

Since 2003 the company focuses on software publishing internationally. The software ranged from various desktop applications to mobile software. Currently it operates also as a developer of casual games for PC/MAC systems and Nintendo consoles. Another branch is development of e-learning content (WBTs, online games, presentations) and Web-development.

For over 12 years LvivMedia has been demonstrating consistency in excellence of products and services. We've been successful with our products and consulting because our vision, approach and culture are centered on our clients, customers and the quality of our products.